The pandemic situation has taught us to be more creative, and to make better use of on-line resources and strengthening our connection with our students.

We learned how young people are sensitive to change and how a few things can make them more vulnerable. One thing is key, we must avoid school dropouts.

So, we may be away from them, but we try to be closer than ever all the time.

Steps to keep the magic on your new career:

Since mid-March, the juniors students have been attending classes through the Microsoft Teams platform on a daily basis.

We’ve already had the presence of Puratos professionals talking about food Safety, careers and market people, besides a solid institution with a focus on entrepreneurship and a teacher of philosophy in order to make a reflection about the new reality. School holidays will be brought forward in June.

On the other hand, the seniors students are in another school and they have received activities via WhatsApp related to English classes, business, GMP etc. We’ve been sending tests, activities and videos explaining the answers. We’ve already invited some different professionals interested in sharing their experiences with this batch. Recently, after many tests, the students downloaded the Zoom Platform via cell phone.

We do not know exactly when the scholar situation will be on track, but they do know that Bakery School Brazil is caring of them

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