When our Brazilian students are close the completing the course, we always ask them to design a special project where they present their own recipe creations. Recently we had the fourth batch of students graduating and therefore the fourth edition of the special project presentations on February, 5th.

We were unable to invite their parents and friends to attend, seen the current circumstance. But we made the presentation available via the live stream on Instagram of @ puratos.brasil!

What they present is not just a recipe, … it is research work, and is made of different experiences, arduous attempts and techniques to reach the desired result. In order to awaken their senses, trigger curiosity and drive their professionalism, we give the students some themes to work on for each category: Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate. We believe it is better when it is not so easy 🙂

  • Chocolate: Use an unusual ingredient in a recipe to feature in our yearly promotional calendar. They used different ingredients such as bacon, corn, rice, tahini, curry, tomatoes, basil. The celebration dates chosen were Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, etc. Some were surprised that their recipes actually tasted good!
  • Patisserie: Renew a classic confectionery recipe – with 2 different variations. The students did a lot of research to find the best classic to renew. They were very proud to know or revisit a classic recipe, giving it a personal flavour and touch. Recipes such as Opera, Brisa do Lis (Portugal), Black Forest Cake and Lemon Pie were developed.
  • Bakery: Develop good, gorgeous and low-cost bread – a bakery standard. in this category, our intention was to think of standard products or simple recipes that could be delicious, beautiful and inexpensive. So, they had to thoroughly study the costs and the ingredients to get an attractive final price. Perhaps it was the most difficult for them since mathematics is a big problem in Brazil. According to recent studies, 95% of public school students finish their studies without a minimum knowledge of mathematics.

Since the launch of the project, the number of followers of @puratos.brasil on Instagram nicely increased.

You can view the total event here!

To evaluate each work, we invited a jury formed by Puratos, Fundação Gol de Letra and Escola SENAI employees. Representing the different consumer profiles.

On the other hand, Puratos Technical Advisors accompanied each step before the presentation, with technical criteria such as organization, cleanliness, mise en place etc. The best students received a special kit contain Puratos products. Nobody went home empty-handed, all remaining students also received a nice bag of Puratos products and the congratulations of the entire team and jury!