Studying and being student in COVID-19 times can be sometimes difficult, also for our Bakery School students.

For that reason our staff and teachers from the Bakery School in Brazil came up with a great idea : launch a challenge to all our students to keep the baking and passion going.

How did they prepare? 

  • Digital Marketing classes were set up with volunteers.
  • Some Puratos products were sent along with the food basket at home or our students.

What were the foreseen activities?

  • Students had to create 3 recipes during the month of August using the received products
  • They should post the recipes on social media, using all the concepts learned during the Digital Marketing training
  • In the post, it should be mentioned: Bakery School Challenge, indicate which products were used and incl. a brief description of the recipe

The results?

They were beyond expectations. All students have been presenting great recipes with well-prepared photos and lots of hashtags.

Thanks to this great initiatives, we were close to them even while being at their homes!