October, 1st 2020 marked the start of a new and 5th batch of 21 students in Brazil. But more than that it is the start of a new collaboration with the Natasha School, located in Sao Paolo.

The students could start presential classes, taking care of course for all precautionary measures for COVD-19 reasons. Students were divided into two groups in two rooms and did wear masks.

The day officially started by a practical session in the technical room, newly remoddelled by the Bakery School Foundation. Some equipment and ustensils were donated by the Innovation Center of Puratos, and of course new ones were acquired in order to offer a good space for learning and to create mouthwatering recipes and stimulate creative baking ideas.

On this first day of school all students received a special welcome-kit incl. t-shirts, a Puratos apron, a notebook, masks and disposable materials.

We wish them all a warm welcome and great success in their studies!