This August 21st the Foundation of the Bakery School Mexico opened its doors, in part of the facilities of the Casa Hogar Las Rosas Rojas, in Tizayuca, Hidalgo, with the assistance of distinguished guests and in an environment of future, modernity and hope.

Mr. Karel Zimmermann, Regional Director of North America and member of the executive committee of Puratos, expressed that the role that this company has for the Bakery School is to support with resources such as utensils, raw materials and technical knowledge of the Puratos staff, to provide its members with everything necessary to make them excellent bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers. He also mentioned that it is important to support young people and thus contribute to the social and economic development of people, providing instruction that will help them have a decent life. All this with the support of the Mexican government and the people who live in the communities where Puratos has presence.

Mr. Alejandro Valencia, general director of Puratos Mexico, mentioned that this project war born from the needs of the community of Tizayuca, as well as that today, opportunities for young people are scarce, so they want to promote the study and the creativity of young people in the fields of bakery, pastry and chocolate, creating the bakers of the future, as well as wanting to preserve this tradition, since Mexico is the country that has the greatest variety of bread in the world.

The chef Gerardo Zarco, director of this great project, said that there will be a group of 20 graduates every two years, because the most important thing is the quality in the preparation of their students rather than the quantity, managing to train highly specialized committed young people. The mayor of Tizayuca Mr. Gabriel García Rojas, was the guest of honor who cut the inaugural ribbon of this important initiative.