Bakery School Mexico


Bakery School Mexico was inaugurated in the municipality of Tizayuca, Hidalgo in Mexico on the 21st of August 2018.

Located on the premises of the children’s home Las Rosas Rojas, the building has two study rooms and two work spaces (one for bakery and one for patisserie and chocolate), hosting 24 students.

Paul Bakus, regional director North and Central America: “At Puratos, our goal is to work with others to improve the lives of people as we protect the planet. As part of this commitment, we work in harmony with the communities we are a part of and invest in providing life-changing, education opportunities. Our Bakery Schools are an excellent example of this commitment in action. It is tremendously rewarding to see the Bakery School students in Mexico transform into the Next Generation of bakers in our industry.”


“Hi how are you? My name is Javier, I´m one of the students from the new generation at the Bakery school México. 

Thanks to this opportunity I´ve found a profession where I feel comfortable. I’m really getting passionate about the bakery industry because I learn new recipes each day as well as different culinary techniques. I love making bread figures  and pastry decorations. I’m so happy that I got this opportunity and it is a pleasure to learn a job for which I have a lot of appreciation and passion. I also got to know the greatest people, I have wonderful teachers and classmates that makes going to school fun. 

In the bakery school I´ve also found the way to solve some personal troubles. The teachers showed us that everything is possible if we just believe in ourselves. They encourage us and today I feel really proud about what I’ve achieved so far and I’m so happy to belong to the Bakery School community in Mexico.”


Since the start of the Bakery School Mexico in 2018, 55 students graduated and were employed by Puratos or one of its customers.


“Hello, my name is Mónica, I recently graduated together with my fellow classmates in December 2022. I would like to share with you  my experience at the Bakery School Mexico. For me the most important thing is that it didn’t feel like school. I had fun every day learning each day new things. The school provided us with the knowledge necessary both in human resources as in gastronomic education. The provided us with a solid base to go out, into the world. The teachers made sure to pass on their techniques and knowhow to learn to develop all the different bread and pastries. I realized that it is a blessing to enjoy what you are do.  Thanks to the teachers at the Bakery School to motivate us and help us throughout this journey and to go after our dreams.”


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