Frequently asked questions



What is the purpose of the Bakery School Foundation?
  • Setting up and promoting teaching and education.
  • Organising educational training and support.
  • Promoting the concept and practice of fair trade.
  • Contributing to the social, economic and ecological sustainable development of disadvantaged producers and workers in developing countries.
  • Assisting all other good works and welfare works, without any distinction, and in particular the teaching and education of disadvantaged children.
  • Establishing and participating in similar non-profit associations at home and abroad.
  • Establishing and managing bakery schools for disadvantaged children.
  • Encouraging employment.
Who established the Bakery School Foundation?

It was established on 18 May 2016 by three founding members associated with the Puratos Group: Puratos Group NV, Puratos NV and Coprem NV.

Why has the Bakery School Foundation invested in Bakery Schools?

The Foundation is determined to give youngsters the skills they need to work in the bakery, patisserie, and chocolate sectors. To achieve this goal, the Foundation has invested in twelve bakery schools in India, Brazil, Mexico, South-Africa, Romania (2), Portugal, Philippines, US, Lebanon, El Salvador and Vietnam.

How can I contact the Bakery School Foundation?

Please check out our contact page for more information.

What is the Privacy Policy of the Bakery School Foundation?

We are committed to protect your personal details and to be transparent about what we do with it, no matter how you interact with us.

We are committed to use your personal details in accordance with our responsibilities. We are required to provide you with the information in this Privacy Notice under applicable law which includes:

  • the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (‘GDPR’) and the Data Protection Act 2018 (‘DPA’) referred to as the ‘data protection legislation’
  • the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (2003)
  • We won’t do anything with your information you wouldn’t reasonably expect.

Processing of your personal information is carried out by or on behalf of the Bakery School Foundation Private Stichting/Fondation Privée – Registration number 0686797414

If you have any questions about our Privacy Notice, please contact the Bakery School Foundation at

How and when we collect information about you?

We collect your data, when you directly give us information. We may collect and store information about you when you interact with us. For example, this could be when you support our work through a donation.


Where has the Bakery School Foundation opened Bakery Schools to date?

Currently, twelve Bakery Schools are fully operational in India, Brazil, Mexico, South-Africa, Romania (2), Portugal, Philippines, US, Lebanon, El Salvador and Vietnam

Why Bakery Schools in those countries?

As in many other developing countries, consumer tastes in India, Brazil, Mexico, South-Africa, Philippines, Lebanon, El Salvador and Vietnam are becoming increasingly westernized, with an increasing demand for finished goods such as cakes, pastries and chocolates.

Why Bakery Schools in Romania and the USA?

As in many other countries, the demand for finished goods such as cakes, pastries, and chocolates continues to increase. Next to that we also see that some regions in these developed countries are also suffering from poverty and underprivileged youngster are in need of support.

Will other Bakery Schools be built?

Yes, we are constantly looking into the possibilty to open other Bakery Schools around the globe. 

Where can I get more information about the Bakery Schools?


Do Bakery School students pay fees?

No, many of the participating students come from large families with low incomes and most are participating in government income transfer programmes.  

What are the admission requirements to a Bakery School?

Admission is based on the student’s motivation and full parental commitment and support.

Students should be between 16 and 24 years old and either high-school students or graduates.

They are selected according to the degree of social vulnerability. Note that we also strive to respect gender equality. 

How long is the Bakery School programme?

The programme is divided into four semesters and spread across two years, totalling approximately 1600 hours and 36 themes.

The Bakery School curriculum covers the technical areas of bakery, patisserie and chocolate making, as well as more general educational courses such as food safety, English, people management, sales management etc.

What are the employment opportunities after graduation?

The Bakery School Foundation is committed to ensure that graduating students find relevant employment.

This could be an Apprentice Programme or as a beginning professional  at a local company in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry.



What are the benefits of a donation to the Bakery School Foundation Belgium?

For every donation above €40, you will receive a tax certificate that allows you to deduct 45% of this amount from your taxes to be paid. This means that in case of a donation of €40, it will only cost you €22 (€40 x 55%). The certificate is granted by the Belgian government and is send to you by the Bakery School Foundation within the first three months after the year you have made the donation. This deduction is based on article 145/33 of the Belgian income tax code. This is for all donations received after 1 January 2019.

What are the benefits of a donation to the Bakery School Foundation Brazil?

There is a Tax Incentives to Donors – Brazilian Legal Entities who pay IRPJ/CSLL over the Net Income. Note that this is not applicable to individuals or companies who pay IRPJ/CSLL calculated over their revenues.

– Benefit: deduct the donation from tax basis of IRPJ and CSLL
– Limit: 2% of the operational net income before the deduction of taxes

– Donation of money must be credit directly to the Bakery School Brazil bank account
– Donation of services and products must be made by its market value
– The donor must keep a specific declaration* issued by the Bakery School

Please check the legal details prepared by the Brazilian legal advisors of the Bakery School Foundation.  

What are the benefits of a donation to the Bakery School Foundation Mexico?

Mexican tax legislation foresees Tax Incentives to donors. Taxpayers, Individuals or Mexican Legal Entities, may claim donations as an income tax deductible expense.

The máximum amount of a tax payer’s overall donations shall be deductible for up to a maximum of 7% of the taxable profit earned by the taxpayer in the year immediately preceding that in which the deduction is taken.

Donations can be in cash or in kind (goods). In case of donations in kind, the amount donated shall be equivalent to the updated original amount of the investment or equivalent to the updated amount paid for the purchase of goods. Goods that were already deducted, shall not be deductible again as donations.

The only requirement for the taxpayer (donor) is to obtain the supporting documentation (digital tax invoice (CFDI) that will be issued by the Bakery School Foundation Mexico with the corresponding donation.

Therefore it is important that you complete the fields in the donation section of our website.