A partnership with Technical High-school MARIN GIGORE NASTASE

Bakery School Romania


The Bakery School Foundation and Puratos Romania were extremely proud to announce the opening of a new Bakery School in Romania, in September 2020.

On their first day, the students were welcomed to meet their teachers and mentors for the next 3 years, but due to COVID-19, the official opening had to be postponed to a later date.

The Bakery School operates in the premises of the Technical Highschool “MARIN GIGORE NASTASE” from Tartasesti, Dambovita County (110 Independence Street) and the enrolled pupils benefit, free of charge, from the best professional training.

The significant lack of qualified employees in the bakery-pastry industry made us invest in this educational project in Romania.

The insufficient number of skilled workers is the main obstacle hampering the development of businesses.

We want to have a legacy that can contribute to the development of future generations, to have skilled employees in the labor market, to grow the quality of the bakery and pastry industry.



The start of a first generation students

The new school year kicks off for the first time at the Bakery School with the first generation of 17 pupils who will become future bakers or pastry chefs.

The team of the Bakery School Foundation and Puratos Romania has jointly worked with representatives from the Technical Highschool ‘MARIN GIGORE NASTASE’ in the past two years on this project.

We want to thank them and also thank all of our partners that supported this project and are still backing it. It’s our commitment for the community.

We want to have a positive impact in the lives of these pupils and open a path towards learning a profession which is not just beautiful, but also essential for all of us.

We will not stop here and we will continue to invest and develop new partnerships in order to train and support a growing number of graduates from Bakery School for many years to come

If you have any questions concerning our Bakery School programme,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

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