A partnership with Technical High-school MARIN GIGORE NASTASE

Bakery School Romania


Bakery School Romania aims to provide the right support to underprivileged teenagers from Romania by offering specialized courses in the bakery industry and thus, creating the much needed skilled workforce for the baked goods industry, for Puratos and its customers.

On September 14th, 2020 our fifth Bakery School opened its doors in the small village of Tartasesti and was set-up in partnership with the local technological high-school.

For the first time, a Bakery School will offer its students a “Dual education system”, in partnership with a local high-school, allowing them to have a school-based knowledge and put them directly into practice.

In September 2022, we opened a satellite school with a local high-school in Cluj-Napoca city, creating our second bakery school in Romania.




“Even before I joined the Bakery School, I liked to help my mother preparing cakes. Although I’m just a beginner and I don’t know so much about this industry, I want to learn how to bake many delicious cakes and desserts under the guidance and supervision of the Bakery School teachers. I wish that after graduation I will be able to work in a confectionery or pastry laboratory to make amazing cakes, so I can fulfill my wish of bring sweet smiles to the faces of those who will taste my cakes.”


In June 2023, the first group of students graduated from the Bakery School in Romania and are on their way to a career in the bakery sector. 



If you have any questions concerning our Bakery School programme,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Now, more than ever, they can #relyonus!

Now, more than ever, they can #relyonus!

Even with schools being closed and still in lockdown, we don't give up to our commitment for future generations. The modular panels, essential for the construction of Bakery School Romania, were delivered yesterday and we can start building the future school. We...

Opening of a Bakery School in Romania in 2020!

Opening of a Bakery School in Romania in 2020!

We are extremely proud to announce that in 2020, the “Bakery School Romania”(*) will open its doors to a new batch of 28 students. The new school will be located in a small village called Tartasesti, and will be set-up in partnership with the local Technological...