We are extremely proud to announce that in 2020, the “Bakery School Romania”(*) will open its doors to a new batch of 28 students. The new school will be located in a small village called Tartasesti, and will be set-up in partnership with the local Technological High-School. The region is perfect to start a school as many students will be coming from disadvantaged rural areas, where the average income is immensely low.

The Bakery School Romania is scheduled to open in September. Therefore during spring, Open Days are planned for 8th graders from Tartasesti and surrounding villages to attract students to join the first batch. Formal interview sessions with the students and parents will then follow to end up into a formal enrollment into the program.

For the first time, a Bakery School will offer its students a “Dual education system,” in partnership with local companies, allowing them to have school-based knowledge and put them directly into practice. The system creates a win-win situation in which the school is preparing a future skilled workforce, catering to the needs of prospective employers. The students will not only be equipped with an internationally recognized diploma by the pastry and bakery sector, but they will also be empowered with experiences from specialized curriculum and practice schedules.

Furthermore, the students will be supplied with a scholarship of 400RON (43 euros)/ per month. provided by the state and Puratos. The classes given at the Bakery School will also be part of the student’s full curriculum, for all three mandatory years. We really want to support our students and enable them to pursue their dreams and we are both hopeful and committed to create a better future for our students and the community they live in, because we believe that “the future is what you bake of it”.


(*)The Bakery School Romania follows the same rules, programs, and principles as the Bakery School Foundation as well as part of the same network without direct or indirect funding from the Belgian foundation.