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Bakery School Brazil


In 2013, the former CEO of Puratos, Daniel Malcorps, met Raí de Oliveira, founder of            the Gol de Letra Foundation and former player of Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil            national football team. During this encounter, the idea arose to set up a Bakery School          in São Paulo in the neighbourhood of Vila Albertina, where Gol de Letra had always              collaborated with local public schools to offer integral education. It was the start of a            fruitful partnership.

In 2014, SENAI (an industry-sponsored expert in technical training) was selected to be        responsible for the training of the students. In April 2015, after several visits to the local        communities to understand the needs, the Bakery School was opened. It welcomed 24          students, many of them from large families with low incomes. With the idea of                    continuously improving, we started a new partnership in 2020 with Natasha Franco            Vieira, professional education. This technical school was created in 2006 from a                  partnership between the Federal Government and the Centre for Social Assistance.




“After starting the Bakery School program, I can say that I have really discovered myself. I remember my first bake, when I was 8 years old. It was a pink bread that was harder than a rock and my grandmother said that she could break a wall with it! I continued practicing until I got it right and she said that I was on the right track.

And today I look and I see that I am. The bakery school opened infinite doors of knowledge, techniques, practices, studies and provided me with something very important that I know I will take with me for life. This opportunity brought me friends and good teachers and I know that each step on my path is prosperous.

I hope that just as the Bakery school has been providing me with knowledge and showing me how full of life my future can be if I dedicate myself, that it can also show new students, parents and family members.

Many thanks to all the teachers, the Bakery School, and my classmates who make this opportunity real and unique.”

Job placement

Since the start of the Bakery School Brazil in 2015, 96 students graduated and were employed by Puratos or one of its customers.


This course helped me to learn a profession. Thanks to it, I am able to improve my knowledge. Due to my experience with the Bakery School, life became a bit easier. I was employed by Comercial for the past six months and I’ve been very happy here.

I loved learning from all the teachers who spent over two years with us, sharing their techniques and knowledge. I also liked the Puratos Technical Advisors who took some of their time to teach us. In fact, it was an honor to have met the Puratos Chefs. It was simply a unique experience.

Thank you so much for everything: Bakery School,  Natasha School Team. I hope to meet everyone again.”

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Puratos Placement Program

Puratos Placement Program

Seven young people who concluded the course recently were invited to participate to the selection process. They had some jobs to accomplish, a presentation and besides an individual interview.