Every year, Puratos Brazil hires students or alumni from Bakery School to be apprentices to work in areas such as Innovation Center, Quality, and R&D.

There is a Talent Acquisition process with individual interviews, contextualized questionnaires, and a practical test where they explain what they created.

The youngsters come to refreshen up the environment with their jovial presence. This year, the eighteen-year-old girl Amanda Ribeiro was recruited for working at the R&D Bakery with Fabio Claudino.

As a proactive girl, every week she writes a quote on the whiteboard to inspire everyone. She also made a list of birthdays to celebrate and dates to not forget.

But she does not seem stoppable 🙂  During her technical job, she asked Fabio if she could create some TikTok videos.

After some recommendations, she started producing Panettone and made a very nice video, on how to make a good Panettone step by step.

The post was a great success! She got 150k views and 14k likes, and also lots of questions about processes and ingredients.

IN the meantime she has already produced two more videos. Who says working at a laboratory is boring? At least not for Amanda!

Check out @mandamado on TikTok right now!