Puratos Brazil annually hires alumni from Bakery School as apprentices. At Puratos we have sought to transform the experience of working into inspiring these young people, whether for their personal and professional development, preparing them for the market and for life.

We are really glad that three Bakery School students now work as apprentices, at Puratos in the new Inspiration Center.

All three participated in a challenge: after training on plant-based products, these young professionals would create original, tasty and attractive specialities for vegetarian and vegan consumers, whose market share has been growing a lot, but still offers unattractive options. Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate are included in the three recipes with Puratos products.

Erika Gomes said : “that the creative process was very intense”, but she managed to find the balance with the help of Johannes Roos, who did not restrict creativity, leaving them totally free for their creations.

For Gabriel, it was extremely impactful, as if the final course project had been intensified three times more. He looked for inspiration in the profile of his niece who is vegetarian and it is difficult to have an indulgent experience.

Beatriz wanted, above all, to introduce a lot of fruits, present throughout the year in the Brazilian menu, combining different colours and flavours and by doing so bringing a unique experience to the consumers, giving sophistication to the recipes.

The presentations were made for the technical advisors and Business Leadership Team at Puratos, with notable surprise for the quality of their recipes.

The young professionals were surprised by the excellent result of their creations.

As you can see, the Bakery School bring training and work experience to the next level for a lot of youngsters.