For the first time in the history of the Bakery School Brazil, the graduation took place in a different virtual format. It was held on Friday, 23rd, under the direction of Cida Campos.

Despite the virtual environment, the graduate students were able to gather all family members to attend the ceremony. We had over 120 viewers during the ceremony, but a much larger audience behind the screen! And after two hours, the event reached even 313 views.

During the ceremony, full of joy, the audience posted several comments and showed their enthusiasm and dedications, thanks to words of support, congratulations and fun messages.

The highlights of the event for the students were the special moment of the oath, the class speaker speech and the tribute to their parents. All of them were very proud of being part of this happening. Everyone expressed themselves freely: celebrating, speaking, toasting and having fun! After all, it was a particular moment for our students and their families, and the idea was to bring energy and emotion into the ceremony.

Including all protocols, the graduation ceremony had few adaptations to take place online, to set the right tone and stress the importance and relevance of this special moment amongst family and friends. Most students had never graduated before and in the current situation, amidst the corona pandemic some experienced financial difficulties, depression, health problems, insecurity and losses. No doubt this has been a transition to adulthood for many of them.

After an inspiring message from Mireia Valls Ruiz, we invited the members to our virtual roundtable. Seven people were invited to join the session: two teachers, Johannes Roos and Sostenes de Oliveira of Gol de Letra as paranymph and Patron, Raí de Oliveira,  founder of Gol de Letra, Danielle Arraes and the principal, Estebe Omazabal Insausti.

Fifteen students completed the training after a final exam in February, which has been very similar to a TV Show!

Let be honest, our current graduates faced enormous challenges during this training period and showed a lot of resilience.

We also had to adjust costs, as we divided classes into two schools (SENAI for practice and a public school with all the complexities for theoretical classes), and the pandemic kept them away from many practice classes.

As school dropout is considered a critical issue in Brazil, we focused on strengthening our bonds with the students staying in permanent contact with each one of them, creating attractive online classes, inviting inspiring young professionals and Puratos employees to talk about careers, products, ingredients, process, market, etc. We also organized a baking challenge on the social networks, after receiving a kit with Puratos products.

We are very fortunate as our students remained focused on continuing their studies, even in these difficult times.

Now, you might wonder what the next step is for our graduates. Well, will support them to find jobs for those who want to pursue their career as a baker, patissier and chocolatier. We are very proud and happy that seven graduates already found a job!

Join us in congratulating them and wishing them all the best for the future!